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Sprinkler Blowouts

Protect your sprinkler system

Think of your sprinkler system as another appliance in your home.  With a little care it can last 40 years or more.  Prepare for winter by removing all the water in your sprinkler lines with a professional sprinkler blowout. 

Some customers attempt blowouts themselves with low volume home air compressors.  Aside from being very time consuming,  this can lead to only partial evacuation of the water, resulting in costly damage to the system.  If water is left in your sprinkler lines, it freezes and expands, causing pipes to burst in multiple places. Furthermore, backflow devices that are not properly drained can also freeze and break. This kind of damage would cost much more than the cost of having Farber Lawn Service do a professional blowout. 

Our blowout method involves placing a small amount of pressure behind the sprinkler system using a commercial air compressor at only 80 psi, but that delivers 185 CFM. Too much pressure can cause damage to the sprinkler heads.  When properly done, the blowout method forces all of the water out of the sprinkler system, so there is no chance of freeze damage throughout the winter months.

Backflow Device Covers

Our custom backflow device cover will protect your backflow  assembly from freezing.

Our free freeze alert text message will even let you know when to put it on.

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Lawn aeration

COMPACTION -  Lawn aeration relieves compacted soil, allowing for water and air to penetrate into the roots of your grass. Grassy areas with constant foot traffic (especially dogs) require aeration more frequently. 

THATCH BUILD-UP - Lawn thatch makes it difficult for your lawn to breathe. Thatch needs air and water to decompose.  Our aeration service performed in the spring or fall  helps control lawn thatch.  For most of our customers, we do lawn aeration annually.  

CORE LAWN AERATION - Aeration will be of little benefit, unless CORES OF SOIL ARE EXTRACTED. At Farber Lawn Service we use specialized equipment that does just that. These plugs range from 1-3 inches in length, depending upon the type of soil and the amount of moisture in the ground at the time. Plugs are pulled out of the lawn about every 4 inches.  

Note:  We need a watered lawn for the best aeration results.  Please water the lawn the day before we come.  

               Also, it takes a few days before the plugs integrate back into your lawn. 

We take the time to do the job right:

 • If you have a sprinkler system, we will remind you to protect your non-perimeter head by flagging    them.

 • We literally won't cut corners.  We challenge you to find any areas that were missed.


Sprinkler Repair

Sprinkler Services

Got a sprinkler head spraying on the sidewalk or not working at all.  Call or text Mark at 970-293-7919.  We provide repair services on all types of sprinkler systems.

Backflow Device Testing

We are certified to do backflow device testing - Commercial and Residential.  Whether testing is mandated by your water district or you just desire peace of mind that your device is protecting your water supply, please contact us.